Yesterday, a one-day autumnal workshop of the Kori Tenpukai was held. Until this spring, we had asked Dr. Yamada of Kobe to be our lecturer, but since he is more than 90 years old, we decided to ask him to be our lecturer.
Because I thought it was too much to ask, I asked Mr. Minakata to teach me this time. Two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, the Heavenly Wind Doctrine “paves the way for destiny.
He gave a lecture using PowerPoint. It was a great lecture with a lot of content and an interesting point of view, and the four hours seemed very short.
I had a very productive day.







According to a newspaper report this morning, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set out a direction to regulate the inspection of the basic resident register and has submitted a proposal to the Director General of the Internal Affairs and Communications Agency.
It feels like it’s finally here. Personally, I can understand the regulation of access to the registry, but I don’t know what is behind the regulation and what will happen in the future.
I am very concerned that there will be a trend to change the principle of public disclosure of resident certificates to private disclosure.

There are many legal interpretations that are difficult for me as a layperson to understand, but the Basic Resident Registration Act, Article 12 (issuance of a copy of the resident register, etc.), paragraph 2, states
Any person may request the mayor of the city, town or village to issue a certificate of residence and a certificate of matters stated in the certificate of residence. In spite of the fact that the
In fact, in most cities and towns, the certificate of residence will not be issued even if you request it. The reason is that in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications circulars and ordinances
This is because we have fairly strict regulations on the delivery of these products. As a result, a wide variety of scandals have occurred, some of which have become hotbeds of crime. However.
Since most of the issues are civil, they are not often covered by the media and have not become a social problem.
Investigative firms that receive consultations on commercial transactions and other thorny civil matters are
We are concerned that the lack of access to residency records is causing a lot of problems.

What are the reasons behind the government’s stubborn adherence to the principle of openness of residency records and family registers, and what are the negative consequences of the collapse of the principle of openness?
I want you to take a step back and think about it now. And I would like to see more discussion in the public arena.






戸籍法第2章第10条(戸籍の謄抄本・記載事項証明) 1.何人でも、







We had three consecutive industry association board meetings last week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks to this, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I got a big prize from the doctor.
The contents of the board of directors’ meeting were all struggling to discuss the Personal Information Protection Act and the issue of family registration and residence card.
There are general arguments for and against each argument anywhere in the world. It is a difficult task to bring together the opinions of the industry, but
I think that if we do not take action along the road at least in this family register residency record problem, it will leave a very bad root for the industry and the people as well as the industry.

According to media reports, on September 20, the Ministry of Justice decided to amend the Family Registration Law so that family registers, which are in principle open to the public, will in principle be kept private.
It also says it will start considering restrictions on the inspection and acquisition of basic resident registers. The principle of disclosing family registers and residency records has been stubbornly defended because of its necessity, but
This time, the law was amended to make it non-public in principle.

Chapter 2, Article 10 of the Family Registration Act (Transcript of family register and proof of matters stated) 1. Any person may
A request for a transcript or extract of the family register or a certificate of the matters stated in the family register may be made. 2.
The mayor of the city, town or village shall disclose the reasons for such disclosure, except as provided by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice. 3.
(4) A person who intends to make a request under paragraph (1) may refuse the request by mail, if it is clear that the request is for an unreasonable purpose.
(2) A transcript, extract or certificate of the said paragraph may be requested to be sent.

In spite of the fact that public disclosure is the principle, the administrative office is in principle closed to the public, and
The family register of another person can be claimed without revealing the reason, and qualified persons in eight industries, such as lawyers and judicial scriveners, can be claimed without revealing the reason.
In order to prevent a claim from being taken unless the reasons for the claim are stated in detail, the regulations are very strict and the same applies to the certificate of residence.
As a result, various evils are coming out, but we don’t care about that. They are just being driven by the big pressure groups.

Therefore, the current flow of personal information protection and the issue of family registration and residence card together will undoubtedly create a very difficult society. I can write 100% of my resume, etc.
It depends on how you feel at the time, and your work experience is all OK as long as you write major listed companies or government offices.
In some cases, the date of birth can be falsified to be about 5 years old.
No matter how many research companies you ask, they can’t even confirm your educational or work history, and you can’t write down your current address.
You can’t verify your date of birth or prove your address.

It’s the same with marriage, no matter how many times you’ve been married and divorced in the past, if you say you’re married for the first time, you’re married for the first time. “I’m single…
If you say that, it will pass for single, because no one will be able to check. And the worse the guy is, the better he sleeps…and so a society is created.

No one is stupid enough to deny a credit check in a business transaction or contract, but in a business transaction or contract between individuals, you can deny the check itself, and you can’t deny it.
You’re changing the law as if the state is encouraging crime….

The existence of a company, regardless of whether it is a joint stock company, limited company, joint-stock company, etc., is basically registered with the Legal Affairs Bureau, and the contents of the registration are open to the public.
The system allows anyone to view and request a grant. That’s why we can do business with peace of mind.
However, if the family register is made private, the only way to confirm the transaction between individuals is to ask who the other party is. Moreover.
We just have to take their word for it. Even if you want to check, if you can’t get a residence card, you can’t get a family register.
Even when I try to check with the company I work for, they don’t respond on the grounds of privacy.

Fraudsters and scammers are especially adept at sensing the tide of the world. Knowing that you can be invisible at any time.
I don’t know what to think. I shudder at the mere thought. However, from the way things are going right now, such a society seems to be coming before our eyes.







October 8, 9 and 10, and three consecutive holidays. For some reason, it feels like a lot of time off. Maybe it’s because I’m a workman…?

Two days of consecutive holidays as usual, 8 and 9 days, I enjoyed the excursion of two days and one night in the Shirahama beach in 16 people who enjoy golf friends drinking friends. Members of the “Kakuho Gathering
It is a golf club that has been going on for more than 20 years. There used to be a lounge called Kaku to the south. It’s a nightly gathering of drinkers.
There were a few members who liked golf, a few who liked women, and a few who liked men. I don’t know who said it, but the members of the group naturally began to gather in Kaku on the first day of each month, and
He named it “One Day Meeting”. We decided to hold a golf competition by talking about golf while drinking, and we created “Kakuhoshi Gathering”.
Because it’s such an old group of members, they all know each other very well. Kaku closed because the master turned potter, but “One Day Kai” is also “Kaku Hoshi Gathering.
It is still going on. It was a two-day, one-night golf trip with its members, and there was no reason not to get excited about it. We met at 7:00 a.m. and started drinking as soon as we got on the bus.
As soon as we arrived at Shirahama, it became a golf game, but there were many people who looked like they had two or three golf balls. I was 39.42 and of course I won.
The banquet of the day was the famous Kue hot pot in Wakayama. I was wondering when the karaoke party would end, but my age and tomorrow’s golf would be on my mind.
Still, it was over by 10:00. The next day’s golf was clear and the turf was alive with yesterday’s rain. I’m on a roll again, 38.41.
I was sure that I would win the race in a row, but there was one player who made the 39th and 39th round, so I had to settle for the second place, but it was a great two days anyway.

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, there are two consecutive days of industry board meetings in Tokyo. Personal Information Protection Act, Family Registration and Residence Records, and
There’s a lot of problems with the Investigative Business Act, and it’s going to be a heady meeting.








As a researcher, I have pointed out on this blog many times the problems associated with the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act.
Yesterday’s Yomiuri Shimbun also highlighted the problem of the government’s overreaction to the Personal Information Protection Law.
It was pointed out that this had resulted in a major hindrance to emergency response and the exchange of information for that purpose.

Also, according to media reports, various issues related to the inspection and acquisition of family register certificates of residence will be discussed in this Diet session.
At this point in time, a person in a third party’s position may not be able to do so without the person’s consent (power of attorney).
It is very likely that they will be legally regulated so that they will not be able to see or take someone else’s residency or family register. For more than a decade now, administrative offices have been using the
Although both acquisitions are strictly regulated and the principle of disclosure has already been famously vindicated, it’s a different story when it comes to legal provisions. so to speak.
What kind of a society would be like if no one could see the family register or get the residence certificate without the consent of the person? Roughly.
What are family registers and residency cards for, what do they need them for, are they only for the government to keep tabs on the people, but they’re never like that.
Isn’t it the only official certificate that proves that you are who you are? Isn’t that why we have followed the principle of legal disclosure? In a way.
At the very least, your identity (address, name, age, family structure) should be made public by public authorities.
It seems that we have been able to self-regulate and maintain social norms without realizing it.

This amendment to the law is intended to remove that. Under the seal of privacy protection.
Without the consent of the person, the name, address and age of the person will not be known. And when you turn this around, it’s all about lying, cheating, education, all about writing.
You can’t tell me your work history, you can’t tell me your age, you can’t tell me how many times you’ve been married and divorced, you can always be married for the first time, and even if you’re married, you’re always single in front of your boyfriend.
Then, the research company conducts an investigation and says, “The researcher is not single, but married to someone in what year and month and has two children, and is living in this way in some place.
(2) Suppose that he reported that the Then, the respondent said, “I want you to disclose where and how you obtained my personal information.
How can you prove that I’m married and have a child, this report is bullshit. However, the research firm said.
You can’t just open your mouth and say, “Isn’t this what the family register says, or isn’t this what the certificate of residence says? Also.
A slightly clever researcher may inquire at the city office of his or her real or current address when and by whom his or her residence certificate or family register was taken.
The office will then immediately investigate and notify the person (which it must do). When the name of a certain judicial scrivener or a certain lawyer comes up…
Their judicial clerks and lawyers are ojans on off-purpose billing. Therefore, it is not possible to request a qualified person to do anything other than direct work. Result.
A society where anything goes is established, where people cannot be trusted and a kingdom of con artists is created in the name of personal information and privacy.

Many people may think that this is a bit of a leap… but from the point of view of an actual researcher, it is neither a leap nor anything.
We are already becoming that kind of society. It’s not just married, single people who go to work and say she’s single. Not to mention resume fraud, companies
It says, “Due to the Personal Information Protection Law, we are unable to respond to any personal information…” as if this is a model answer. However, when it comes to hiring at my place
The investigating company ordered me to check the history of the company for sure. It’s all in a matter of fact, I think the administration needs to think more about the whole situation.
Not all the weak are righteous.




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