It’s been three weeks since I’ve been here.

I couldn’t make an entry for the blog because I was working on a security measure for my computer. It wasn’t that I was lazy.
This week, however, I’m super busy because it’s the end of consecutive holidays. Therefore, although it became possible to enter, I couldn’t find time to work on my computer.

I’ll be writing again next week, so if you’re just a few blog readers, I hope you’ll forgive me for today…








春先のバラは目を見張る華やかさがあるが秋のバラ も悪くない。今日は一寸風があり肌寒さを感じたが、

I was reading a book this morning, rocking the commuter train as I always do, when I came across a very good quote.

“Youth does not mean a certain period of life, but the aspect of the mind.

People don’t age just because they age. It is only when we lose our ideals that we grow old.” (Samuel Ullman)

You are absolutely right. I would like to enjoy my youth without losing my ideal, even though I am at the age of 60 years old. Come to think of it, one of Mr. Tenpou’s books of idioms is
‘No man should live without having ideals, ….’
I remembered that there was a passage in the

During the lunch break, I went to Nakanoshima Park for the first time in a long time. Nakanoshima is known for its rose garden and
Early spring roses are strikingly gorgeous, but autumn roses are not bad either. It was a bit windy and chilly today, but
The scent of the roses carried by the wind was indescribably refreshing.





久し振りに舞台に酔い興奮冷めやらぬ自分を味わった。  月・火と東京出張。月曜は全国調査業協同組合の教育研修会、

This Sunday, the Kinki-Shimane Kenjinkai was held in grand style at Taikoen. The Kinki Shimane Kenjinkai, under the subtitle of “Hometown Cheering Group,” has held a series of events in Iwami, Izumo, and
It is divided into three districts of the Oki, and it is supposed to take charge of the organizer of the year by the rotation system, and this year, the Iwami district was the organizer.
Fortunately, Iwami silver mine was registered as a world heritage site, so the Iwami area did their best with a twisted headband. A whopping 380 people attended.
The prefectural governor and other mayors of cities, towns, and villages throughout the prefecture also attended the event, which was very lively.
Performances are the Tenryo Taiko, which is said to be created to celebrate the registration of Iwami Ginzan as a world heritage site, and Iwami Kagura, an intangible cultural asset.
I was overwhelmed by the sound of the wadaiko drums, and the subsequent Iwami Kagura was wonderful again. It was the first time for me to see Iwami Kagura live.
I was glued to the stage for about half an hour. It’s hard to describe in words, but the traditional performing arts that have lasted for hundreds of years are still somehow different.
It was the first time in a long time that I tasted myself drunk on the stage with excitement that did not go cold.  Business trip to Tokyo on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is the National Survey Industry Cooperative’s education and training session.
Tuesday was the board meeting of the National Association of Surveyors. I went to work at the headquarters today for the first time in a while. A quick look at the Nikkei Newspaper from last Saturday, …
I’d like to say that, but in reality, I only read the newspaper novel “The Way of Homecoming” (Kenzo Kitakata). I’ve hardly ever read a newspaper novel before.
I was addicted to Kenzo Hokkata at one time, so I couldn’t afford to miss the next episode of “The Way of Homecoming”. Now.
What I look forward to more than anything is coming to work in the morning and reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee.








sh0260  sh0262  中埠頭の夜景

sh0274  sh0275 明石大橋を真下から写す

They say that a boat trip is a luxury of the highest order. I grew up on the sea, so I had many opportunities to go on a boat since I was a child.
When I was a junior high school student, I used to paddle the fulls in the paddles of the tenma boat. However, I was not very good at sailing from Oki-no-shima to the mainland. I’m on a speedboat for an hour.
The ferry takes about 3 hours, but it took 6 hours until I was a high school student. Moreover, the small ship weighs about 500 tons (I thought it was very big…)
In order to cross the rough sea of the Sea of Japan, if the time is a little wicked, even if you are sleeping in the cabin, you will slide from one end to the other. I know it sounds like a funny expression, but
In fact, the tremor was so severe that it could be described as “sliding down”. The pain of seasickness can only be understood by those who have experienced it, but it is severe.
Because of this experience, he was determined not to return to the countryside in the winter, except for the death of his parents.

I enjoyed a one-night cruise on the Nippon Maru for two days and a night on the 28th and 29th.
My Rotary friends had told me several times about their boat trips on the Asuka and Nippon Maru, and I had been secretly hoping to try it at least once. at that time
By chance, an acquaintance informed me of a one-night cruise on the Nippon Maru.
I hesitated for a moment because of the trauma of seasickness, but when I told my wife, she said, “That’s good, let’s go.
It was a night cruise in the Seto Inland Sea, so I decided that I wouldn’t get seasick, so I signed up.

At 5:00 p.m., we embarked at Naka Wharf in Kobe Port. It was a wonderful ship with a gross tonnage of 21,903 tons and eight stories, not to be confused with the name of a super luxury cruise ship.
As soon as I stepped inside the ship, there was a vaguely fluffy and relaxed atmosphere. The ship is gorgeous, though.
In addition to that, I felt that each of the crew members had a strong desire to entertain the guests, and there was a very good mood that filled the ship.
Enjoy the food, games and shows in the midst of it all. The ship goes through the Seto Inland Sea like a noblewoman at a leisurely pace.
We disembarked at 14:00 the next day, but it was a moment in time that seemed to be different from the time on land.

This is another dream of a round-the-world trip, but I felt that I could understand the feelings of those who are captivated by the boat trip.








Yesterday, it was a one-day autumn meeting of the Kori Tenpukai. The instructor is Mr. Tetsuya Minakata. I’m sure I’ve introduced you to this before, but the genius of the geniuses.
He is a kindred spirit of Minakata Kumagusu.

From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., they worked hard on their training. Every Sunday morning, the Shangri-la Tiempukai offers breathing exercises, unified exercises, and vigorous exercises under the name “Sunday Gyo-shu”.
There are also special gyoshu meetings in the summer (three days) and one-day gyoshu meetings in the spring and fall.

Although it was a little lonely with only 30 participants, it was a very rich and fulfilling workshop.

Fifteen and six years already. We do the same thing over and over again every year, but the feeling is completely different. It is a curious thing. As you practice.
It’s more fresh, or so I would say, it’s more impressive. Normally, it would be the other way around, but in the Tenpukai’s doctrine and cultivation, the more you do it, the more you feel.




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