学校に向かう途中の街並み。 これが一般的住民の家。屋根があればOK。

DSCF0547 DSCF0549

普通にトラックたーが走っている。 学校がある村中に入る地道。


DSCF0559 DSCF0564


村中の農家。 学校の周辺。

DSCF0591 DSCF0592


DSCF0596 DSCF0598


教室での授業風景。 生徒に持参したサッカーボールを贈呈。

DSCF0609 DSCF0632

縄跳びを贈呈。 国王からの感謝状授与。

DSCF0634 DSCF0638

勲章をつけてもらう。 学校の売店。生徒が買い食い用。

DSCF0639  DSCF0650






I visited Cambodia from April 18 to 24. The purpose was to see the classrooms at the elementary school (Matsutani School) that was donated to Cambodia.

The construction work started in March last year and was completed at the end of June, and the opening ceremony was held early in July, but I couldn’t make it there, so I visited this time, though it was late.

The streets on the way to school. This is the home of a common resident. If you have a roof, it’s OK.

It’s a normal Tractor running. The school is located on the ground that goes into the whole village.

Farmers throughout the village. Around the school.

Panoramic view of the school

A classroom scene. Presenting students with soccer balls that they brought with them.

Presentation of jumping rope. Presentation of a letter of thanks from the King.

I’ll be wearing a medal. School concession stand. For students to buy and eat.

In the front row, the third from the left is the deputy group leader, next to me, the sixth is the commune leader, and next to me is a village officer.

Children playing with a soccer ball.










I’m going to Cambodia tomorrow for a week-long series. The purpose was to visit the Matsutani School (elementary schools in TASAENN and COMMUNI) which was completed in July last year. The number of students is 300. I thought about what to take home as a souvenir, but could only come up with something common, so I ended up with a soccer ball and a jump rope. Do you think he’ll be happy with that?

The district is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, near the Thai border, where Pol Pot’s army made its last stand. No matter how many hours you drive, there is no traffic light, only huts, fields and stray dogs on stilts. The only thing that saves me is the smiles of children playing around naked and the politeness of the residents. Even to a complete stranger, when we face each other, we put our hands together and bow our heads. They also put their hands together and bowed their heads in imitation. They don’t communicate with each other at all, but they just somehow feel the warmth of people.

Many of the residents are soldiers of the former Pol Pot army and their families. It’s an area with a hospitable atmosphere, where it’s hard to believe that nearly 2 million people have been killed in civil war.

It is difficult for an ordinary person like me to understand, but I don’t think that the battle between the Lon Nor regime (army) and Pol Pot’s army and the indiscriminate murder of Khmer people (Cambodian people) by Pol Pot’s army, which can be said to be a mass execution, will disappear in just 20 to 30 years, but it seems to be surprisingly absent in Cambodia today. You don’t think that’s…? When I asked Takayama (IMCCD representative), who has been in the field for ten years, he replied, “Yes… Is this a national trait, or is it a relationship with a Buddhist country?

I don’t know what’s going on with the Islamic State, which has been making a lot of noise in the world recently, but I hope that some kind of solution will be found soon and that peace like Cambodia will be restored as soon as possible.







It’s early in the spring on the calendar. However, the reality of the situation is severe, and it has cooled down considerably. However, the flowers and grasses that color spring are in no time to prepare for it. The plum trees in our house started to bloom last week, with one or two flowers, giving off the fragrance of early spring. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the change of seasons is nature itself. The mountains, the sea, the rivers, the plains, the grass, the trees, and the birds all make the nature seem soothing.

However, humans don’t seem to be able to fit in well with nature, and this causes some problems. My teacher, Tenpou Nakamura, teaches that in order to live a true human life, both mind and body must obey the laws of nature. The spirit (mind) should always be active and the body should be proactive in training. And to use the mind and body in unity, mind and body united. It is called the natural law of man.





「 公平、公正な採用選考は、求人職種の職務遂行上必要な適正・能力をもっているかどうかを基準とすべきであり、本籍地や家族の職業など本人に責任のない事項などを採用基準としてはならい」とする厚生労働省の行政指導はもっともであり、その基準に異をとなえるものではない。





ところが、現実はそうでは無く、事実と異なる詐称された履歴書が多く見受けられている。従って、申告の履歴が正しいか否かは、履歴調査(身元調査)を行わないと判別できない。 従って、採用の際の身元調査は、公正な採用選考の為には欠かすことのできない必要最低限のものと云える。











米国のネグレジェントハイアリングの考え方を参考にする必要があると思われる。 米国では、「過失雇用」を避ける必要があり、そのためには、採用前の身元調査は避けて通れないものとして位置づけられている。



1. 憲法14条や19条は、もっぱら国または公共団体と個人の関係を規律するもので、私人相互の関係を直接規律することを予定したものではない。

2. 企業者は、自己の営業のために労働者を雇傭するにあたり、いかなる者を雇い入れるか、いかなる条件でこれを雇うかについて、法律その他による特別の制限がない限り、原則として自由にこれを決定することができるのであって、企業者が特定の思想、信条を有する者をそのゆえをもって雇い入れることを拒んでも、それを当然に違法とすることはできない。

3. 企業者が、労働者の採否決定にあたり、労働者の思想、信条を調査し、そのためその者からこれに関連する事項についての申告を求めることも、これを法律上禁止された違法行為といえない。

4. 労働基準法3条は雇入れそのものを制約する規定ではない。

5. 新卒採用にあたり、採否決定の当初においては、その者の資質、性格、能力その他上告人のいわゆる管理職要員としての適格性の有無に関連する事項について必要な調査を行ない、適切な判定資料を十分に蒐集することができないため、後日における調査や観察に基づく最終的決定を留保する趣旨でされるものと留保解約権の行使にあたっては、上述した解約権留保の趣旨、目的に照らして、客観的に合理的な理由が存し社会通念上相当として是認されうる場合にのみ許される。


In order to implement equal employment opportunities, it is only natural that fair and impartial recruitment selection should be carried out.

The administrative guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is reasonable and does not differ from the standard that says, “Fair and equitable recruitment selection should be based on whether or not a person has the necessary aptitude and ability to perform the duties of the job for which he or she is hired, and matters that he or she is not responsible for, such as the place of birth or the occupation of his or her family, should not be used as recruitment standards.

However, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has instructed that, in order to do so, “never conduct a background check” and has totally denied background checks at the time of employment, and I would like to raise an objection in this regard.

The reality of the current background checks at the time of employment is that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare conducts background checks focusing on the suitability and ability of applicants for the purpose of “fair employment selection”, and does not investigate matters that are not the responsibility of the applicant.

(Need for a background check.)

In order for the selection to be fair, all applicants must be at the same table (impartial), and the “resume” and “work history” that serve as the basis for the selection must be based on facts.

However, the reality is that this is not the case, and many resumes are falsified and misrepresented. Therefore, it is not possible to determine whether the history of the return is correct or not without conducting a background check (background check). Therefore, a background check at the time of hiring is the minimum necessary to ensure a fair selection.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has asserted that investigations of current addresses and family members are not the responsibility of the individual, but there is much doubt about this.

Number one.

There are many cases where the person does not live at the current address to be declared.

There are a variety of reasons for misrepresenting your current address, but it can also be seen in cases where you apply for espionage, such as industrial espionage. In addition, there are cases where the person does not have a fixed address, or has a personal reason for not being able to reveal his or her whereabouts, which in fact needs to be confirmed.

Number two.

As for living conditions, most recent recruitment surveys are used for mid-career hires, and in the case of applicants with family members, it is necessary to confirm whether or not they have dependents and whether or not they are actually in a position to work.

Number three.

Those who do not declare their work history should be interviewed by people around their current address and the application office for suitability and competence.

Number four.

The results of background checks can easily contain irresponsible rumors, prejudices and prejudices, and the truth can be distorted and reported,” the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare points out in its booklet “Recruitment and Human Rights,” but it is also true that the truth is often hidden in rumors. At the very least, those who are in the business of investigating are constantly cultivating the ability to discern whether a report is prejudiced or not, and if the truth is distorted, there will naturally be no more requests, and it cannot necessarily be said that the points made are accurate.

The idea of negligent hiring in the U.S. seems to need to be consulted. In the United States, “negligent hiring” must be avoided, and in order to do so, background checks before hiring are positioned as unavoidable.

Sensitive information, such as thoughts and beliefs

Reference should be made to the Supreme Court precedent in the Mitsubishi Plastics case (summary of precedent)

1. articles 14 and 19 of the Constitution are solely intended to regulate the relationship between the State or a public body and an individual, and not to directly regulate the relationship between private persons.

An entrepreneur, in hiring workers for his business, is free to decide in principle who to hire and under what conditions to hire any person, unless there are special restrictions by law or otherwise, and even if an entrepreneur refuses to hire a person with a particular idea or belief for that reason, it shall not naturally be illegal.

It is not an illegal act prohibited by law for an entrepreneur to investigate a worker’s thoughts and beliefs when deciding whether to adopt or reject a worker, and to request a declaration from the worker on matters related to the investigation.

Article 3 of the Labor Standards Law is not a provision that restricts the hiring itself.

As for the exercise of the right of termination withholding the right of termination, it shall be allowed only when objectively reasonable reasons exist in light of the above-mentioned purpose and purpose of the right of termination withholding the right of termination and it can be accepted as reasonable under common sense.













There seems to be a considerable influenza epidemic this winter. There seem to be quite a few elementary school class closures. However, I don’t hear much about it in the news. That means that class closures are commonplace and not newsworthy….

So bragging about it.

I’m proud of myself, but I try not to catch a cold. The expression “I’m trying not to run over” might be a little funny, but it’s not to me. Because I’m trying not to run over….

I had a cold once when I was 24 or 5 years old and came down with bronchitis, but I haven’t had a cold like that for more than 40 years. Therefore, I have never missed a day of work due to illness other than back pain. I’m simply proud of this more than anything else.

There’s a secret to that. The secret to this is to keep them cold. This is what it means to become resistant to cold.

The method is to cover your body with cold water after bathing and wipe your body with a cold towel. Even in the middle of winter, she continues every day and bathes in the morning as she gets used to it. This is what we do 365 days a year. And don’t wear too much thick clothing.

I’m sure there are many other details to pay attention to, but I’ve only been bathing for 40 years or so since I was about 20 years old, and I think this is the best secret.

If you don’t want to catch a cold, give it a try.




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