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苦しい時の1分はとても長いが楽しい時の時間はアッと云う間。 時間の長さは世界共通であるが、感じる長さは人により皆違う。また、
同じ人でも気分や状況によってその都度違う。そんな事を考えていると何が正しいのか、何が違うのか、よく判らなくなってくる。 曰く、
「百万人の人が居れば百万の正義がある」 と云うのもうなずける。

以前はよくこのブログで人権問題の愚痴を独善的に並べ立てていたが、 暖簾に腕押しで、書けば書くほど空しくなってくる事を悟り、

誰でもその事件背景と逃亡振りは脳裏に浮かぶと思う。この市橋達也、 仕事を転々とし最後は住み込みで土建会社に勤務していたと云う。
そして最後に勤めていた土建会社は、元受会社より大目玉。 「従業員の身元も確認せず誰でも採用しているような会社とは今後取引をしない」


信用を築くには相応の年月と努力とを要するが、失墜するのは一瞬である。 「企業は人なり」、







We were scheduled to publish the bulletin of the Kansai Association of General Surveyors in January, but we have not been able to write the manuscript yet due to the daily miscellaneous affairs.
So, I decided to reprint a part of this blog to muddy the waters. On top of that, this week.
I decided to paste the article into this blog and decide that it’s a done deal. I don’t think I’ve gotten any older…..

“New Year’s talk.
Chairman Hironobu Matsutani

I wish you a Happy New Year. I would like to wish all of our members a very happy and clean New Year.

I am.
Your company’s website (http://www.ks110.com/hm/)
Above, titled “The President’s Blog of a Research Company,” about five years ago, I
I write on my blog about what happened at that moment in time that day and what I’m wondering about. So, knowing that you will be scolded for cutting corners again
Let me quote a part of it for you.

From the “End of last year, my last day of work blog

The year goes by very quickly, as it does every year.
One minute is a long time when you’re struggling, but the time when you’re having fun goes by in a flash. The length of time is the same all over the world, but the length of time felt is different for everyone. Also.
Even if it’s the same person, it’s different for each mood and situation. When I think about it, I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. It says
There are a million justices for a million people.

So, I’m going to write about what I felt strongly about this year.
In the past, I used to complain about human rights issues on this blog in a self-righteous way, but then I realized that I was just trying to get my head around it, and the more I wrote about it, the more empty it got.
I dared to avoid it. But now that the year is over, I can’t afford not to mention this fact alone.

This year, Tatsuya Ichibashi, the suspect arrested in the corpse dumping case, was the first person to be arrested.
I’m sure everyone’s mind is filled with the backstory of the case and the way he escaped. Tatsuya Ichibashi moved around from one job to the next, and finally worked for a construction company as a live-in worker.
During the fugitive period, he is believed to have used a false name, changed his appearance, falsified his entire history, and worked at every job he could find.
And the last construction company I worked for was a bigger deal than the original recipient company. We will not do business with any company that hires anyone without checking the identity of their employees.
It is said that trading was suspended due to a notice of “I’m not going to do anything.

Let’s think about this for a moment. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said, “Because recruitment surveys may lead to discrimination, the
It has consistently given administrative guidance to “not to do”. So to speak, you have to take the test and interview to decide whether you will be accepted or not, check your resume, check your attendance at your previous job, and so on.
It says that investigations of people, such as confirming their names and addresses, are not allowed. And if you’re hiring like you said you would.
A business partner called it a big deal.

If a company loses the trust of its business partners, it is finished.
It takes years and effort to build trust, but it takes only a moment to lose it. “A company is its people.
is an old saying, but it will never change even in today’s information society. After all, “a company is its people”.
How can it be that it is not advisable to look into the hiring of people who are the cornerstone of the company?

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and human rights groups have lumped together investigations into human
It’s called a “background check.
In fact, the definition of a background check can’t be answered seriously.
The word “identity” is also used in a thousand different ways in general.
It’s used differently depending on the person and their situation. In spite of the fact that it’s such an abusive term, they use the word “background check”.
In a way, it’s similar to the privacy protection we have now.

In this blog, which I wrote last year, the Asahi Shimbun evening edition (Tokyo) on January 7 this year wrote, “The Ichibashi defendant’s hiring predicament.
There was an article titled “Lax identification” and the suspension of transactions. Last November, when it was reported that Ichibashi was working
From that day on, the company received one inquiry after another, “We want to stop doing business with you forever and ask if the other workers will be okay.
The Osaka Prefecture Small and Medium Construction Industry Association has asked member companies to
They are instructed to hire workers whose identities are clear. Saburo Okano, president of the association, said, “Now that the labor laws are in place, the responsibility of employers will be strictly questioned.
Talk to him. The article was published as

I’m not sure what the intentions of this article are, but in any case, I’m sure the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will follow the instructions and believe the person’s declaration, and I’m sure the person will be able to make a decision.
If they decide to accept or reject you without verifying your identity, they’ll say, “I’m not doing business with you in the future.
This is what happened in reality. I can’t let my bad luck get the better of me. Management said.
They have the responsibility to strive for the development of the company and to ensure the stability of employment for employees. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, however, does not care about such things.
Without any knowledge of the contents of the hiring process, the human rights group said, “A background check (hiring process) leads to discrimination…
It’s like a golden rule of thumb.

We, the industry group, have endured it with a single word of patience, without complaining to the government. The result is the current helpless industry recession. I am.
If a police officer steals, it can’t be helped in a way.
But a thief should never become a policeman,” he said.
I have been involved in this business for 40 years since I was 23 years old, dedicated to HR research. And in spite of our efforts to eliminate dowa discrimination through our industry activities, we
We are still in a situation where we are not allowed to walk the big road.

This year, I would like to go back to the drawing board and think about the true state of the industry’s activities. With the understanding and cooperation of our members, we
I would like to do my best, and I wish you all the best this year.


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