Information Security Policy (ISMS Basic Policy)

At Kigyou Service Co., Ltd., we are keenly aware about the importance of the information we are entrusted with by our customers, as well as information assets we handle as a company that investigates the credit of corporations and individuals, as well as verification on criminal affiliations (investigation on antisocial forces), head hunting related investigations and labor consultancy, and we consider appropriate management of information to be our social responsibility. We established following information security policies, based on such principles, and they are observed and carried out by all employees, starting with our executive officers.

1. Establishment of management framework A management framework is established for guaranteed information security to prevent unauthorized access and leakage of information assets, as well as to engage in appropriate management and utilization.

2. Compliance with legal and contractual requirements Our corporate internal framework of responsibility is clarified, while observing laws and ordinances, as well as regulations, guidelines and contracts with our corporate customers relating to information security.

3. Continuous improvements The monitoring of and education on information security are periodically conducted to sustain and continuously improve our security strategies as well as our information security management system.

4. Implementation of countermeasures In the event an incident involving information leak or tampering occurs, the grasp on the situation is rapidly and accurately gained to facilitate suitable decisions and to implement appropriate responsive actions.

Revised date: April 1, 2007 Kigyou Service Co., Ltd. Tetsuo Yoshimoto, President and Representative Director

Certified standard: ISO/IEC27001:2013 (JIS Q 27001:2014)

We have always enhanced our information security and our undertaking that involves continuous improvement of information management framework, by sustaining a good balance of confidentiality, integrity and availability. This has now been acknowledged, by a third party organization.

We shall continue to handle personal information and information assets even more appropriately, more securely, and further elevate the security awareness of our employees, as well as improve and enhance our security level to evolve into an even more trustworthy corporation so that our corporate customers around the world can continue to be at peace when utilizing our services in the future.

■ Summary of certifications
Registered business operator: Kigyou Service Co., Ltd.
Certification registration number: 12104
Scope of certification registration
Company and Individual Credit Checks
Criminal Affiliation Check
Head Hunting Related Investigations
Labor Consultant
Certified standards: ISO/IEC27001:2013(JIS Q 27001:2014)
Registration screening organization: Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.
Registration date: September 21, 2017

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Certified standard: ISO/IEC27001:2013 (JIS Q 27001:2014)

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No matter the screening, we perform our investigations with consideration to all civil liberties. Screenings involving discrimination against certain groups and communities will not be accepted. Cases that may be connected to stalking or other criminal activity will also be rejected.

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