Criminal Links Investigation

Measures against Criminal Organizations, Extreme Right Wing Groups, Soukai-ya (Extortionists)

We provide strategies for preventing extortion at AGMs, and investigations into those who could be anti-social types such as potential M&A parties, recipients of the allocation of shares, potential tenants, joint sureties, new franchise affiliates, parties involved in real estate transactions including agents, and complainers.

We provide reports on all investigations in a speedy fashion, and maintain high quality, accuracy and confidentiality. As of October 1st, 2011, all businesses in Japan are forbidden by the Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinances to supply profits to criminal groups.
To effectively manage a business, it’s important to carry out an investigation into criminal links of real estate buyers/sellers, new and existing partners and outsourcing firms, and at the time of a merger.
In some situations, to protect yourself and your family, it is also necessary to investigate personal acquaintances.
We are contacted by many clients who would like to know if someone is a member of a criminal group, as you can’t know just by appearances. Even with the introduction of the Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinances, it’s not possible to reduce the associated risks, without knowing how to check for criminal links. There are some firms offering consulting services for dealing with criminal connections, but to defend your business, the most important factor is taking precautions. Utilizing the data we have compiled over many years, we are able to offer cost effective and safe screening.

The below is stated within the Corporate Conduct Code of the Securities Listing Regulations:
■Mandatory article: Article 443 - Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinance
■Desirable article: Article 450 ? Corporate Governance, Etc. for Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinance
A large part of compliance is eliminating ties to criminal organizations.

Investigation Fee: From 30,000 yen
Investigation Time: 3 days, or 2 weeks

Further Information

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Elimination of Organized Crime Groups, the below are excluded from all contracts with normal businesses:
○ Managers linked to organized crime groups
○ Employees linked to organized crime groups
○ Financial contributors to organized crime groups
○ Those who utilize organized crime groups
○ Those with close relations to organized crime groups
○ Others who have associations with organized crime groups
○ Those who violate of the obligation to report improper practices

On June 19th, 2007, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare released its guidelines, “Preventing Corporate Harm From Organized Crime Groups”
“Preventing Corporate Harm From Organized Crime Groups” (Japanese)

Securities Listing Regulations [Tokyo Stock Exchange]

“Preventing Corporate Harm From Organized Crime Groups” (Japanese)

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No matter the screening, we perform our investigations with consideration to all civil liberties. Screenings involving discrimination against certain groups and communities will not be accepted. Cases that may be connected to stalking or other criminal activity will also be rejected.

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