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Data ranging from 1947 to day before today

  • Upgraded ? The period available for investigation has massively increased.
  • Even if the person under investigation is not found within available data, we cannot refund fees.
  • Fees are paid before the investigation is conducted.
  • Investigation results can be used for any purpose (please use good judgment).
  • We can also look into rehabilitation for salaried workers, and rehabilitation for individuals with small-scale debts.
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Investigation Fee

11,000 per investigation (tax inclusive)
*If you’d like to search for the former name of the target individual, please enter it in the “Investigation Target Information” box. Investigations are charged on a per name basis.

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Features of our Service

  1. Fast (After confirmed payment we can have results in as little as 1-2 hours ? excluding weekends)
  2. Low cost
  3. Detailed results
  4. Broad period of data available (from May 3, 1947 to the day prior to order)
  5. Investigations into limited liability and privately owned businesses possible
  6. We can also look into rehabilitation for salaried workers, and rehabilitation for individuals with small-scale debts.

What is voluntary bankruptcy?

Voluntary bankruptcy occurs when someone who has taken on vast amounts of debt, becomes insolvent and applies for (of their own will) bankruptcy, and is proclaimed bankrupt by a court.
Those pronounced as bankrupt then apply to be exempt from their obligations to pay back creditors (credit companies, etc.). When approved by the courts, they become exempt from paying creditors back and from repayments of debts.

In what circumstances is bankruptcy possible?

To declare bankruptcy, one must be proclaimed as bankrupt by the courts.
In the case of voluntary bankruptcy, the insolvent debtor is pronounced bankrupt.
Insolvency is the state of not being able to fulfill debt repayments into the future. The future ability to repay debt is based not only on assets, but also on the debtor’s income and creditworthiness.
Generally speaking, one can be said to have become insolvent when monthly income after living expenses can no longer cover monthly repayments of debt.

What is the approximate costs involved with declaring bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy requires payment to the courts prior to proceedings.
In the case of simultaneous bankruptcy abolition, the costs are approximately 50,000 yen. If simultaneous bankruptcy abolition does not occur, and a bankruptcy administrator is appointed, the costs are usually around 500,000 yen.
Further to the above, there are also lawyer’s fees involved in declaring bankruptcy. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations establishes lawyer fee standards.
*Simultaneous bankruptcy abolition is a decision made by courts at the same time as pronouncement of bankruptcy, when the debtor is not in possession of valuable real estate or property. Generally, after declaring bankruptcy, a bankruptcy administrator is appointed and the debtor’s assets are sold and the proceeds are distributed to creditors. However, when it is known at the point of declaring bankruptcy that the assets of the debtor are insignificant and cannot be distributed, the process is shortened by simultaneously ending the bankruptcy procedures at the point of proclamation of bankruptcy. This does not mean debts are waived, and the debtor must still apply for exemption.

After Declaring Bankruptcy

1. After being pronounced bankrupt by the courts, a notice is sent to the bankrupt person’s local city or town office, and their name is automatically registered to a list (If exemptions are granted these are also sent by notice to the city/town office).
2. The bankrupt person is registered at a personal credit information center for 5-7 years. For this period, in most cases credit card and loan applications will be rejected.
3. Many restrictions are placed on bankrupt people, such as not being able to work as lawyers, accountants, real estate brokers, life insurance brokers and general insurance agents, and as securities/bond traders. However, these restrictions do not apply to those who receive exemptions from debt.
4. When applying by oneself for voluntary bankruptcy, lawyers are needed to navigate the complexities. Of course lawyers’ fees are incurred in these cases. Costs involved in voluntary bankruptcy are calculated based on such factors as the amount of assets and number of related people involved, but as a rule are generally more than 200,000 yen. When one is given an exemption, the service fee is decided according to the lawyer’s retainer fee.

Does bankruptcy mean losing all of one’s assets?

Assets that are essential for daily life, such as clothes and tableware, etc. are not repossessed from bankrupt persons.
Further, as a general rule, if assets are insignificant (usually 500,000 yen or less) and the costs involved in the process of declaring bankruptcy cannot be paid by the individual, assets are not converted to cash, and with being proclaimed bankrupt and simultaneous bankruptcy abolition being decided upon, the bankruptcy process draws to a close. (*As simultaneous bankruptcy abolition is decided upon, in this case no administrator is appointed.)

Bankruptcy Data

According to a preliminary report by the Supreme Court, in 2007 national applications for voluntary bankruptcy amounted to 148,252 ? a decrease of around 17,000 applications compared to the previous year. This marks the 4th year of decreases in a row. According to the Interest Rate Restriction Act, the Supreme Court has set a maximum allowed interest rate which has caused an increase in persons with multiple debts, claiming repayment of overpaid interest rates, causing a drop in bankruptcy.
Including limited liability companies, there were 157,245 total applications, an approximate decrease of 16,000. *NIKKEI NET

Voluntary bankruptcy is increasing each year and is a last resort; it is always important to properly consider asset management.

Investigation process is as follows:

  1. Apply using the form below. If you would like to search for a former name of the target, please enter it in the “Investigation Target Information” field. Investigations are charged on a per name basis.
  2. Receive payment method information.
  3. Payment. Notify us when payment has been made by email and we can more swiftly deal with your request.
  4. Receive report via email. Please feel free to ask any question about the results of the investigation.

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11,000 yen per investigation (tax inclusive)
* If you would like to search for a former name of the target, please enter it in the “Investigation Target Information” field.
As fees are charged on a per name basis.

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No matter the screening, we perform our investigations with consideration to all civil liberties. Screenings involving discrimination against certain groups and communities will not be accepted. Cases that may be connected to stalking or other criminal activity will also be rejected.

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