Case Studies

We conduct a variety of surveys, including background checks (hiring surveys). Here are a few examples.

List of Case Studies

Corporate and personal credit checks

I met Mr. A at an exchange party in a different industry and we hit it off. As time went by, however, I began to feel uneasy and wanted to know about Mr. A's situation just in case, so I started an investigation. As a result, it was found that Mr. A was a multiple debtor. The family had already broken down, and it was only a matter of time before they were declared bankrupt. In addition, it was found that he had been dismissed from his previous employer for taking sales money (60,000 yen). The client politely declined the offer so as not to make things worse, and it was a successful risk hedge.

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No matter the screening, we perform our investigations with consideration to all civil liberties. Screenings involving discrimination against certain groups and communities will not be accepted. Cases that may be connected to stalking or other criminal activity will also be rejected.

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