Case Studies

We conduct a variety of surveys, including background checks (hiring surveys). Here are a few examples.

List of Case Studies

Background check (hiring survey)

A42-year-old man who is scheduled to be hired as a salesperson for a house sale. I would like to hire someone who will be an immediate asset and who will serve for a long time. A seemed to be a little unreliable, but since it's hard to find good people these days due to the shortage of manpower, he's thinking of hiring them for the time being unless he has some bad information. When I spoke to my former branch manager, he said, "I want you to come back. We want to work together. I'm frustrated that I didn't catch up with them. and rave about it. He has a long history of home sales and is a soft-spoken and flexible person. He was a person who was said to be the best in the field of housing knowledge.

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No matter the screening, we perform our investigations with consideration to all civil liberties. Screenings involving discrimination against certain groups and communities will not be accepted. Cases that may be connected to stalking or other criminal activity will also be rejected.

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